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I feel that my real life began with two nearly simultaneous blessings: becoming a parent and my immersion into a life of Mediation practices with two successive Masters.  For 26 years, I had the life-transforming benefit of working with these Masters. After the second Master's transition - with no apparent successor to carry on their work - I found myself heart-broken and ungrounded. However, my dreams soon became a rich source of guidance. I started to focus on aspects of my development I had neglected, such as spiritual embodiment and my own vunerable deep-feeling nature. To my surprise, various forms of the archetypal Feminine visited my dreams: Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Tara and Black Madonna figures. . . even Oprah!  Thus, a wondrous odyssey led to the creation of Sleeping with Sophia and is kept alive in its poems.

When I am not busy being a poet and author, I thrive on my Mindfulness-Based Counseling practice and teach seminars at The Sophia Institute - founded by my wife, Carolyn Rivers - where I am inspired daily by the real-life rise of the Feminine in her Wisdom manifestations.

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