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Endorsements for Sleeping with Sophia

Sleeping with Sophia is a truly remarkable book of poetry. It is difficult to write well about the deeper currents of belonging that exist between two independent human beings, let alone the larger emotional and spiritual contexts, but Henk Brandt has not only brought those elemental currents alive, he allows us to live and breathe in these depths, to understand, to appreciate, and to be thankful for them. The poem “Purely of Herself” must be amongst the best short love poems written in the English language.”

 — David Whyte, author of The Heart Aroused, Crossing the Unknown Sea, and The Three Marriages, as well as  six volumes of poetry, including the anthology entitled River Flow


“Henk Brandt’s book of poems, Sleeping with Sophia represents the culmination of an old soul’s conversations with all that is eternal. It is a long drink of presence and resilience, to be sipped slowly.”

Mark Nepo, bestselling author of The Book of Awakening (an Oprah book selection) and As Far As the Heart Can See, The Exquisite Risk and four other books, as well as six poetry books​


"In a time of economic and political distress and spiritual drought, Sleeping with Sophia descends upon us like a fresh thirst quenching water. Henk Brandt, through his illuminating and thought provoking poetic style, nurtures and empowers the human spirit towards soulful remembrance and courageous action. This is not an ordinary collection of poetry. It is instead, a sacred refuge where the reader meets his or her own most intimate images, some heartwarming, some unsettling.  Each poem offers a still point where the joys and torments of both the past and the present are poignantly reshaped in the crucible of transformation. Riveting, nourishing and stunningly beautiful!”

Angeles Arrien, PhD, Cultural Anthropologist and author of The Second Half of Life: Opening to the Eight Gates of Wisdom and Living in Gratitude: A Journey that Will Change Your Life!

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