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From the Preface to Sleeping with Sophia

This book addresses how Wisdom itself is changing rapidly before our eyes to include the breathtaking emergence of a decidedly feminine form of consciousness that by its very nature seeks to dramatically expand the frontiers of conventional wisdom. The contrasts can be stunning. Sleeping with Sophia seeks to give voice to some of the identifiable themes that characterize this emerging consciousness.

The Feminine archetype, referred to by Dr. Jung as anima, meaning soul, has awakened our imagination to the many possibilities of soulfulness, especially in terms of human development. One hears new terms and expressions in the public domain that had hardly any currency at all a few decades ago. A short list would include splendid idioms such as: heart-work, soul-work, breath-work, Gaia, world-soul, sustainability, social justice, sacred sexuality, awakening, embodied awareness, grounding, earthing, birthing, intersubjectivity, unity consciousness, interconnection, hook-up, transpersonal, felt-sense, think globally-act locally and so on. All of which articulates in its own way a very necessary and essential shift away from egocentric, greed-based aggression and domination to more evolved forms of Earth-centric, globally conscious values that are only now becoming recognizable.



Dedicated to the Sacred Feminine in All Women

and Its Seed in All Men

by Henk Brandt

             With my feet bare I return to her, though

                 it does not suffice to speak only of roots

                 or ocean depths or even kinships and blood.

                 For when I seek my passage through her

                 or at my wisestwhen I read her currents 

                 as might a river steward, her dark origin and 

                 womb of night enfold me in her mystery.

                 I bear her mystery in me like a deeply planted 

                 seed, needing only to be reached by water.

                 Yet, after the rains have soaked into my body

                 dissolving the edges of my ancient crystals

                 I still find that the spirit of woman raises

                 or lowers her veil according to her season

                 and her seed in me sprouts beyond reason.

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